Who Karrak Consulting works with

Karrak Consulting's Principal Consultant, Kim Lisson, works in association with a range of associates and collaborators to deliver leadership programs and consulting services.

These long-standing relationships with a wide range of local consulting and coaching associates, stretch back over 10-15 years, and with his national and international collaborators, even further. Collectively they have:

  • Relevant backgrounds in leadership, organisational and community development, adult learning facilitation, coaching and consulting, and sustainability.
  • An acute understanding of the role and importance of leadership in organisations, communities (and life in general) in supporting vibrancy and resilience.
  • A high level of personal authenticity, credibility and professional standards.
  • Shared values and perspectives surrounding the leadership role that arts and culture can and does play in society.

Principal Consultant - Kim Lisson

Kim Lisson

Key Capability

  • Leading Change and Cultural Transformation
  • Designing, facilitating and managing high impact Action-Learning Programs
  • Leadership Coaching - with a special interest in supporting Executive Managers, Professionals, Sustainability Practitioners, Indigenous Leaders and Artists

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You will find a summary of the core capabilities of our key collaborators and, by reading more, their qualifications and a short biography.

global leadership foundation

Gayle Hardie

Co-Founder - Gayle Hardie

Key Capability

  • Infectious enthusiasm for, and rich experience in, transformational leadership and change in individuals and organisations.
  • Facilitation and development of emotional health and leadership resilience.
  • Board and executive mentoring and coaching.

Website: https://globalleadershipfoundation.com/

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the partnership

Josie McLean

Creative Director - Josie McLean

Key Capability

  • Cultivating conditions for genuine transformational change to emerge, from leadership and organisational culture perspectives
  • Assessing complex situations through holistic, systemic and pragmatic approaches and see things clearly
  • Deep knowledge and rapport building that reach people’s hearts and minds and that supports sustainable and sustaining organisations

Website: http://the-partnership.com.au/

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creational consulting

Annette Perrin

Director - Annette Perrin

Key Capability

  • High impact facilitation of strategic board and executive management interactions
  • Consulting advice on developing & implementing innovative commercial arrangements and performance frameworks
  • Consulting advice on governance practices and regulatory compliance

Website: http://creational.com.au/

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At the heart of our commitment to collaborate are shared values, when it comes to working together. These include:

  • Impact – by combining our individual and organisational strengths we seek to maximise the results of our work
  • Service – we each take seriously our commitment to do our best for our clients and program participants, and to care for and be generous with each other
  • Respect – we value equally, our own views and the different opinions and perspectives offered by each other
  • Trust and Flexibility – we sometimes have to take a ‘leap of faith’ together when work, timeframes and even money is uncertain
  • Dialogue – we are willing to have clear conversations to gain clarity and understanding when different views seem challenging
  • Learning – we support and encourage each other’s mutual personal and professional development, just as we do with our clients
  • Sustainability – we are all committed to promoting leadership that is more life-giving for everyone, and for their relationships with others and the Earth
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