Photograph by kind permission of Keith Lightbody
Photograph by kind permission of Keith Lightbody
Photograph by kind permission of Keith Lightbody
Photograph by kind permission of Keith Lightbody
Photograph by kind permission of Jennifer McErlean

Our Work

is to help your organisation or community to identify and bring about significant, life-giving and sustainable change or growth. We do this using a range of simple but artful personal, team and collective change and development tools and approaches.

Our Focus

is on both the observable organisational systems and community practices (how people conduct their life and work) – AND the less visible cultural conditions (how people see themselves and how they relate and connect). This holistic focus enables us to support you with results and performance in the short-term, and with sustainable progress and fulfillment in the long-term.

Our Belief

is that change in individuals and in social systems – teams, organisations and communities – is not simple, is not easy and is not guaranteed. But learning to observe, navigate and lead change well together is vital for the future of our organisations, communities and for future generations of life on Earth.

The Benefits

of our work can include; better results and greater impact; improved relationships; more resilient, creative and innovative leadership; a more vibrant and engaged culture; better use of time and resources; smarter and wiser decision-making and implementation; and personal growth and fulfilment.

Our Clients

are those sectors, organisations and communities with a commitment to enhancing the artfulness of their leadership, and the leadership of their art or business

Our People

the Principal of Karrak Consulting is Kim Lisson who works in collaboration with number of carefully chosen consultants and coaches who each bring immense talent and experience of relevance to the demands of each assignment and each client.

Our Invitation

is to hold a couple of initial complementary, no-obligation exploratory conversations to help to clarify together your intention, what and who might best support you, and to learn more about our approach.

If you'd like to hold such a conversation, please get in contact or fill out the form below.
We look forward to meeting you and discussing your issues.

+61 412 126 147
PO Box 683, Denmark, WA, 6333