What We Offer

Karrak Consulting has a simple, yet ambitious, mission:

"We support leaders, teams, organisations, communites and our planet to flourish."

In pursuit of this mission, our consulting offer includes:

Leadership Development Programs – design and delivery of action-learning programs that blend personal and group learning with achievement of results.

We design bespoke leadership programs that meet your unique needs, drawing on our wide ranging knowledge and expertise. These programs support greater team synergy and performance, higher level communication skills, including ‘crucial conversations’, performance management and development, and build capacity in innovation and navigating change, to name but a few areas. Our focus is on linking skills development and behaviour change together with shifts in personal and cultural mindsets.

Our collaborating coaches and consultants have a wealth of experience working with senior professionals, managers and executives of organisations across the country and the world. We have worked with leaders from a diverse range of organisations and sectors, including; the resources, finance, government and; the community and not-for-profit sectors.

The design and facilitation of action-learning programs — carefully blending workshops, group action-learning projects and coaching support — is a key plank in our approach to organisational and community development. We have a core capability in the use of this philosophy and methodology, with Karrak Consulting Principal, Kim Lisson a leading exponent and advocate of this approach and its principles.

Leadership Development Programs

360° Feedback Debriefing & Self Assessment Tools – using a range of assessment tools that support people and teams to get a snapshot of their leadership to determine areas for further growth.

Collectively our coaches and consultants hold various accreditations and certifications in various assessment tools, including the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI), Print, Team Management Systems (TMS), Hermann-Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and The Coaching Game.

360° Feedback Debriefing & Self Assessment Tools

Individual and Group Coaching – one-to-one or group coaching to help people get clear about their leadership challenges, learning opportunities and action for momentum.

Our coaches are highly experienced and highly trained, and certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Collectively, our coaches have amassed thousands of hours of one-to-one coaching experience. Each brings a strong and long-standing commitment to coaching as an effective, tailored approach to facilitating leadership development and to achieving improved performance.

Individual and Group Coaching

Open Space Facilitation – Using 'Open Space Technology' and similar forums that support dialogue and planning within and between diverse, even divergent, views.

We have expertise in facilitating Open Space Technology workshops or events as an intentional leadership practice, where participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel conversations or working sessions around a central theme. This process is based on principles of ‘self-organisation’ and freedom of choice, and it yields extraordinary results with regularity.

Open Space is very powerful and effective in eliciting diverse viewpoints in a safe atmosphere, and in connecting and strengthening relationships. We often use or recommend this process as part of a broader action-learning program to ensure the results of the event are best captured and harvested in a broader structure or ongoing program of action.

Open Space Facilitation

Emergent Consulting – a consulting approach that blends consultation, assessment and recommendations with emergent implementation.

In addition to the more clearly defined services (above), we also offer a way of working with our clients which is best described as ‘emergent co-design’. In this approach we make no assumptions about the nature of your issue, nor the possible interventions that might be useful to create success.

In this consulting approach we are guided by core principles:

  • Appreciative Inquiry. We seek first to discover what is working, what is yearned for, and what is possible. We know our questions don't precede intervention; they are the intervention!
  • Collaboration. We look to partner with you; we are the ‘intelligent non-experts’ and you are the ‘intelligent experts’; both have a role to play. Honouring the relationship is vital to success, to enable trust, a free flow of information and appropriate use of expertise.
  • Emergence. What is needed will emerge with successive steps of inquiry and dialogue. We make sure we listen carefully to you and to those we consult to make sure we fully understand the challenges and opportunities, and the resources you already have available.
  • Focus. We remain clear, right the way through about the original objectives and intention while paying attention to new information, and insights as they emerge. ‘…have a clear intent, take the first actions, then see what's needed next.’ Margaret Wheatley, ‘So Far From Home’ (2012)
  • Recommendations for certain approaches will emerge naturally and will probably become obvious to us both as we proceed.
Emergent Consulting
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