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See what just some of our clients have to say about Karrak Consulting's leadership development services.

I have had the opportunity to experience the work of Karrak Consulting, and its Principal Consultant, Kim Lisson in a number of roles.

As a participant - in the ‘Emerging Community Leadership Program’ delivered for the Department of Regional Development across southern Western Australia in 2015. This program supported a personal transformation for me, in particular by giving me a sense of personal freedom to embrace my role as an entrepreneur (versus a ‘manager’) and to increase my capacity for influence. I also witnessed the program have similar transformative effects with other participants.

As a client - I was so inspired as a participant, that I engaged Karrak Consulting to implement a similar program with the arts and culture sector in the Goldfields-Esperance region on behalf of Country Arts WA. The resultant Artful Leadership for Community Building program facilitated previously unheard of unity and cohesion amongst regional artists, and has led to strategic and project outcomes that are paying significant economic and social dividends to the region.

As a co-facilitator and collaborator - I have been mentored into a co-facilitation role to deliver an adapted, ‘in house’ version of the ‘Artful Leadership for Community Building’ program for County Arts WA staff, Board members and invited artists. Kim has enabled me to grow and learn as a facilitator while assisting the program participants, many whom are my colleagues, to grow and learn too.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karrak Consulting to deliver an ‘artful leadership development’ program that builds leadership and innovation capacity, produces transformative results, and which has the ability to create lasting impact in the arts and the community sectors.

Barb Howard
Network Director
Country Arts WA

I have participated in two development programs led and co-facilitated by Kim ("Coaching Skills for Leaders" and an "Executive Leadership Program"), each supported by individual coaching.

From an individual perspective, this has been the leadership course that has most profoundly changed and improved my leadership skills. Many of the skills I developed have sustained me into my next career moves, and are of particular use in areas of complex inter-personal dynamics.

These action-learning programs were significantly different from previous leadership programs in the way they addressed skills development and supported team development. The collaborative facilitation and the way the program was managed, with regular client input, was extremely effective and engaging, and provided the environment to develop skills and to translate these back into the work environment.

Kim's ability to manage complex group dynamics and lead the group to develop productive and effective leadership skills is impressive and engaging.

Using an open, transparent and effective communication style, he allowed the group to participate and manage crucial conversations. Kim is also extremely effective as an individual coach, supporting me to develop better insights into my leadership style, opportunities and challenges, and supported significant development of these skills.

I recommend him and his associates for his expertise in leadership development and executive coaching.

Dr Amanda Ling
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Joondalup Health Campus

As a coach and expert facilitator Kim consistently delivers great outcomes and great value! Through my longstanding association with him, I can attest to the great respect he and his associates gained from program participants and from senior executives who engaged him to work with them and their staff.

As a facilitator, Kim creates safe learning environments that help participants to reflect on what drives them as a leader, and how to create new connections to their colleagues and to their work in a creative and life-affirming way. His expertise has greatly assisted a range of teams and individuals to achieve exceptional goals, to broaden their approach to their work, and to achieve personal and team goals.

Participants of his programs regularly noted that Kim's approach is "Insightful, fun, respectful and patient" and that his programs are "engaging, stimulating and maximise learning" and finally, "Life changing".

Jason Micallef
Senior Business Development Manager, Custom Education
University of Melbourne

As a Board member, I participated in one of Karrak Consulting's action-learning ‘Artful Leadership’ programs, designed and delivered for Country Arts WA.

Arts organisations uniquely implement a vision that is creative and requires belief, passion and an acute sense of how the organisation works smoothly together with respect and understanding of the values and the contribution of each of its members as they individually and collectively strive to achieve their vision and purpose.

The program delivered by Karrak Consulting provoked serious contemplation of one's own role, recognition of the positive contributions others are making to the sector, and it has been instrumental in providing a greater insight into the complexities of uniting a team in pursuit of a shared vision.

Wendy Wise
Founding Chair, Co3 Australia
Ex-General Manager, Perth International Arts Festival

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Kim over the last few years in the development and delivery of a specialised program for Senior Manager Leadership Development. The program equipped our managers with many tools and renewed confidence during a time of intense change. Kim's collaborative method meant we had the right material to meet our needs, and his personal style meant everyone was truly engaged. Numerous participants have commented that they were personally inspired by the work Kim did with us.

The leadership program was highly relevant, flexible in its design, and styled to suit differing levels of understanding. The facilitation by Kim and his colleagues was very effective, positively received by staff and certainly one of the factors involved in the achievement of a significant improvement in business outcomes. Kim's approach to learning and facilitation is highly professional and engaging, demonstrating commitment and integrity.

Kim also played a large part in helping us to achieve our strategic goals through his facilitation expertise. He allows all stakeholders to contribute in a way in which they felt recognised and their input valued and translated into a credible plan of action.

I have also personally utilised Kim's coaching skills which helped me to explore, determine, and actualise many personal and professional commitments. I strongly recommend coaching – especially for people eager to evolve to a higher level of personal and professional satisfaction.

Michelle Bastian
Manager Heavy Vehicle Services
Main Roads WA

I participated in a ‘Leadership and Coaching Program’ co-facilitated by Kim. From day one, his approach and style kept me focused and inspired in my learning and work. The skills and techniques he taught have stretched me both vertically into new roles since, and horizontally within myself and peers.

It was Kim's depth of the skills and knowledge in leadership styles and behaviour that impressed me – his words of wisdom in group reflections, the way he invited us to connect with leadership through a range of imagery, including that of land and indigenous culture, and also the sustainable nature of the leadership principles we learned about together. A favourite of mine was the suggestion to engage with permaculture principles to creatively respond to change. As testament they have remained stuck to the front of my daily notebook at work since!

The program itself was well structured and thoughtful – the workshops and exercises were extremely relevant to my work as project team manager and there was plenty of opportunity to observe, interact and practice new skills. Within this broad structure, Kim had a magic ability to be fluid and adapt to move with the energy of the group.

As well as being receptive and insightful to delivering the group program, Kim also extended this skill set to his individual coaching. He is a very pragmatic and had a very sustainable approach to ‘letting the client do the work’ and he was also brilliant listener.

Given my positive experience of what Kim has to offer in the leadership and coaching space, I would highly endorse Kim and his associates.

Amanda Mulcahy
Senior Program Officer
Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare

Kim provided us with excellent service in the co-design and co-delivery of a groundbreaking ‘Aboriginal Leadership Program’.

His knowledge of leadership, management and organisational development was outstanding, and a major factor in enabling a significant change process to occur at a strategic and cultural level. His personal style and ability to work effectively in a cross-cultural setting was vitally important to the success of the Program.

I believe that Kim's adaptability, flexibility and willingness to listen deeply to his clients will work for your organisation or community also.

It was a pleasure to work with Kim and I would recommend him and Karrak Consulting to prospective clients.

James Jarvis
Manager, Aboriginal Economic Development,
Department of Regional Development.

My coaching experience from Kim Lisson was unlike any previous coaching I have engaged in... in a wholly positive way! Kim's approach and style clearly reflects a respect for his client's own skills, background and knowledge. I felt valued during every interaction for what I brought to the coaching relationship, and more importantly, very safe to explore whatever arose in each session. Kim seemed adept at tuning into the ‘sweet spot’ in each session in ways that I still find mysterious!

Kim's intuitive approach to engaging with me resulted in very tailored and ‘me-specific’ strategies for me to take forward both in my work and life more broadly. I have been able to apply things I have learned through working with Kim in broader and deeper ways that I could have anticipated, well beyond my workplace.

During group learning workshops, Kim makes an audience feel involved and ensures that he addresses various materials and concepts in layers to incorporate a diverse range of backgrounds and levels of understanding. His use of humour makes new concepts accessible and use of exemplars helps his audience apply them to their own contexts.

Meg Plaster
Cancer Nurse Coordinator
WA Youth Cancer Service

I have had the great pleasure of attending the Main Road WAs' ‘Leadership for Change’ program facilitated by Kim and his colleagues for over almost a year. Kim is a good listener, a keen observer of people and he is totally ready to ask the tough questions that can only result in deep personal reflection. I find him to be highly intelligent, with a ready source of evidence to back his obvious passion for helping people to learn and grow. His commitment to sustainability is always evident and deeply inspiring.

Perhaps unusually for a facilitator, Kim is gently reverent and reserved, with a cheeky laugh never too far away – he has been a delight to be around. He's been a great source of insight and wonder to me personally as I started to think about the kind of influence I could have as a leader of today.

Claire Thompson
Principal Policy Officer
Office of Road Safety

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